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Unable to access emails

My wife was unable to send/receive emails through Outlook and on her Android phone from Sunday 3rd to Wednesday 6th Dec. In Outlook a box pops up which asks for the password but entering the password does not solve the problem. On the phone she gets a Connection Timeout. Before anybody asks yes the password is correct, because my wife has been using it to log on to webmail, and no the password has not been changed. Yesterday Outlook suddenly started working again but it has gone again today. While using webmail may be the obvious answer it is not a satisfactory solution to the problem because of the way my wife uses Outlook to organise and track emails. We have both had this problem before and it usually sorts itself within a day or two so to be out for four days, back for one and then out again is unusual. Internet searches show that this is a common occurrence for other users. Is no-one able to get to the bottom of this and find a permanent solution?

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Re: Unable to access emails

I sympathise with you Thoroughlybrassedoff.  I have been having the same problem for the past week or so.  I also use MS Outlook as my e-mail client so that I can send and receive all my e-mails and store them in my Outlook PST folder.  I keep getting the same message asking for my password even though it is stored in my Mail account settings.  I have even gone to the extent of deleting the account and re-creating it in the appropriate settings, but I still have issues.  It will work fine for a while but then the problem returns.  I am getting absolutely peed off with BT, as communicating with their Indian contact centre is useless as they are not qualified enough to offer any useful assistance and the language barrier does not help either.  They keep blaming your IT equipment and then have the cheek to say that you should use Webmail and that they will not support e-mail clients such as Outlook.  They are happy to take your money every month for a service which needs a lot of improvement.  Rant over!

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Re: Unable to access emails

I have had these same problems over the past four days - able to access webmail but nothing over IMAP clients such as Outlook or on my mobile devices.  After two long text 'chats' with the support desk my case was raised to level 2 technical who responded the next day.  They told me to link my email to my passwords which I did, to no avail, other than that they now both have the same password.  Through trial and error I found that re-setting my password got everything running fine - for a few hours - then back to the same problem, i.e. no IMAP client access.  I have repeated this three times now.  Further raised to the so called technical team who referred me to their generic advice pages and closed the case. I have never experienced such inept support as that provided by BT Internet.


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