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Unable to access on-line bills [ Monday 8th ]

This situation is now a farce! After spending time over the past week trying to get a resolution, I was told that I would be able to see by bill by today.


First surprise. I saw my bill on Satyrday. All was well with it and the pages worked fine. Problem resolved.


Second surprise, or maybe not such a surprise, this morning it has gone wrong AGAIN! No bill to be seen.


Considering that this online billing is supposed to be available 24/7, according to the blurb on the site, this situation is just not acceptable to customers.


An explanation is needed from BT with a positive date for completion of what work is needed to get a RELIABLE system up and running.

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Unable to access on-line bills

It is quite a simple problem really: I've been accessing my bills online for months then the site changed and now I can't:

1. I log-in

2. the site tells me I need to upgrade to get on-line billing

3. I click the button to up-grade

4. the site tells me I'm already on paperless (which is true) so no need to do anything

5. I click cancel

6. I'm taken back to the screen that tells me I need to upgrade ......

I've been in this loop since last Monday or tuesday  (sorry lost track)


  • I tried 'chat' she told me there was a problem with the site - come back in 24hrs
  • 24hr later I tried to phone - after a long wait in the queue I was given another number to ring - when I rang it I was told the number was no longer in service and to go to the website
  • Wednesday I tried an email complaint - Friday I got a response saying it was fine and they'd closed the call
  • Sunday I checked it was NOT fine I reopened the call - I've still not heard anything (but I did fill an evaluation questionnaire on what I thought of the service so far - answers on a post-card if you can guess what I said!)
  • Soooo here I am - going public to see if that will make a difference

Come on BT - it is a simple problem - please solve it for me or tell me what to do and I'll do it myself



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Re: Unable to access on-line bills

Hi FionaJane,


I sorry that you have had a bit of trouble with your online billing.  I can have a look into this and get it sorted for you.  Could you drop me an email with your BT account and telephone number with a link back to this thread please?


Just send to and I'll make sure its sorted out.





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Re: Unable to access on-line bills

Had exactly the same problem, jumped through the same hoops, They have now responded to my second email by calling me and have now reffered the problem to the 'Offline Team'



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Re: Unable to access on-line bills

I'm having exactly the same problem. Every time I log in I get a page asking me to upgrade to online billing. I have been registered for online billing for years. If I try going in via the "Change calling plan" workaround, the links such as "Recent usage" and "You latest bill" just push me back to the "Upgrade to online billing" page.


It's all very well encouraging people to sign up to online billing, but outages of this length of time are just not acceptable.

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Re: Unable to access on-line bills

Below is the 'Very Useful' Offline team reply (with headers) as you can see its usless:


From - Wed Mar 03 11:09:08 2010
Dear Stephen,

This is regarding the incident Unable to view bills online that you reported.

The bill download option is available in the BillSummary page.

You are here: Billing & Payments > Your latest bills

Thank you for your time in this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

Kind Regards

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Re: Unable to access on-line bills

"You'll be able to view billing details for this account within 48 hours. If you can't see them after 48 hours, please use a different log-in or create a new profile." is what I get when i try to access other than the current bill. I'm puzzled how I create a different profile with only one account. Does using a different log-in merely mean edit profile by, say, changing the email address or password? Oh why does BT make it so "%&" hard and just before they move the goal posts? Coincidence????
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Re: Unable to access on-line bills


I posted the same problems last night, ie unable to access bill details etc.

I received email saying the site would be sorted by tonight and guess what its still useless.

What a shambles.

Its a good job I have stuck with paper bills, as without its arrival I would not have a clue as to how much I owe.

Mind you upon reflection maybe its wishful thinking that the bill will arrive.


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Re: Unable to access on-line bills

We all seem to be having the same problems.I cannot get recent usage from my last bill dated 26th feb.All I get is no calls available but a number of calls have been made since then.The filter calender does not work at all.This is a complete shambles and nobody seems to be able to do anything about the problems.Was told it was being looked into but still not correct.

I think wonder if any testing on the new pages before it was used because if it was the people who checked it out should be sacked as it just does not work!

Have tried to report via Emma page which is a complete waste of time.

Have sent complaint to customer services and received another ref no in return but thats as far as it goes and reading all the problems with other posters it is getting worse!



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Re: Unable to access on-line bills

If you sort it please tell me as i can't access my bill.

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