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Unable to claim Mastercard Reward

So I took out Fibre less than a month ago and have paid my first payment, and as part of the deal I'm supposed to get a £120 Mastercard Reward card. However when I go in to my account online to request the card to be sent it doesn't record the offer. So looking at a number of threads on here this seems a common problem, there is no where on the BT site (that I can find) to raise this with. Thankfully I have a screen shot of the deal but just knowing who to pursue this with. Anyone any ideas?

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Re: Unable to claim Mastercard Reward

Hi @timbo691 I'm sorry your reward card isn't available to be claimed, I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll be happy to chase that up for you.

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Re: Unable to find just eat reward



I signed up for wifi being a student and with the order should come a just eat voucher (£50). the cooling period of 14 has ended a while ago so i should be eligble for it by now. 

I realise i forgot to include my university/student email when signing up, however i can provide proof of this now to get the voucher. The voucher was the reason i signed up with BT in the first place. 

Many Thanks,

Manon Leary

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