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Unable to connect Ipod 4th Gen to BTFON or BTOpenZone wifi

I have an ipod 3rd Gen which works fine, but have just started using a 4th gen IPOD and when I click on Settings/Wifi then select BTFON or BTOPENZONE, it then goes to a login in screen (welcome to the hotspot)  with 3 options at the top (Total Boradband, BTFON, BT Open Zone). I click to select one of them, and then login using my btinternet details, but nothing happens when I select Total Broadband, the screen just refreshes and I've not connected. If I select BTFON or BTOPENZONE, then it says login failed.


The ipod works fine using my normal wifi connection on my Hub but I cant connect to BTFON or BTOPENZONE which show in the list.


I have opted in as I only became a BT customer 2 months ago, and as I say, it works fine on my 3rd gen ipod.


Can anyone help?

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