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Unable to find Wifi

Hi all, have had a look on the forums for an answer but found nothing.

My issue is my laptop got disconnected from the internet and is unable to find my Wifi now. That has happened before, not the biggest issue. However all my previous fixes didnt help me to relocate my bt wifi. Ive popped open my Fiancees laptop and she has the exact same problem from outta nowhere, and is unable to find the wifi but can see everybodies elses around us.

However, my phone still picks up the wifi without any issues at all. My laptop is running Win7, and the Fiancees Win8. I have also reset the router and tried all of the remove wireless network, close this and that etc... turn off all laptops and the router blah blah, and still impossible for either laptop to find my own router, but finds everybodies elses around us. Yet my phone is unaffected.

Also to clarify have ensured it is only 3 devices connecting, so no issues about multiple connections. Anybody got a clue how to assist???
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Unable to find Wifi

When you say you have reset was that a factory reset using the recessed Hutton and holding until lights flash?

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