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Unable to log in to BT Sport or My BT ?

Hi All,
This is my fist time on the forum.
I cannot log onto my BT or BT Sport, I have tried changing password twice, no luck, went onto chat with support and they couldn't help. Spent over 45 mins on the phone to BT last night and they tried to reset password twice and no luck, it was then forwarded onto Technical but still didn't here anything today so I tried the online help again but the connection was so bad we had to give up so I once again phoned up Technical another person tried again twice with no luck and then informed me after over 30 mins that there is a maintenance problem and they hope to fix it by tomorrow. I have been without BT Sport or my account for some time, this is not good enough does anyone else have the same problems out there ?
I would appreciate any feedback.
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Re: Unable to log in to BT Sport or My BT ?

Hi StevieD,


I'll be able to help you get access to your MyBT and BT Sport. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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Re: Unable to log in to BT Sport or My BT ?

I've had the same, frustrating problem. It originated because when I renewed my broadband last summer, there was a new email account created for me (which I never used) which was set to be the 'account owner'.  A few weeks ago I was trying to activate BT Sport but kept getting an error message. 


BT changed the email address on my account and I thought that would fix it. But now I'm getting the prompt to set myself as the account holder, and it's going round in circles trying to set it and then failing.


This now means I can't access BT Sport, or BT Wifi.. very inconvenienced by this.


There is now a Bridge Case open for this, it's been weeks since I first attempted to get this fixed.  I just wish someone in BT would contact me about this and more importantly, fix it !


P.S. I don't see a 'contact the mods' button on any of the Mods' profiles.  😞





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