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Unable to pay bill or reduce payment

I'm self employed, I haven't worked for almost 2 weeks. By the looks of things I wont be working for at least another 8 - 10 weeks if we still aren't allowed to go to work.

That means I wont be able to pay any of my monthly BT bills.

I can't call anyone about this because they are only taking essential phone calls.

This is an essential enquiry because I cant pay my bills.

What are BT doing about these situations?

I wont be the only one in still situation, it's hitting the entire country.

Who do I speak to about this?

What is the number to call?


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Re: Unable to pay bill or reduce payment

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Re: Unable to pay bill or reduce payment

Great, but by the end of June I will have 3 months of unpaid bills, that will be approximately £240.

Will they want that paid immediately or will I be able to spread that over the coming months?

I'm looking at this very realistically, this could go on further, possibly into July or August if Italy and Spain are the bench mark, then what?

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Re: Unable to pay bill or reduce payment

As I am just a customer, I have no idea what BT plan to do when this crisis is over, all you can do is look for any announcements  from BT.

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Re: Unable to pay bill or reduce payment

You should contact the BT Billing Team on 0800.800.150 and explain your situation to them and see if they can offer anything to help.

Be prepared to have a long wait when calling.

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Re: Unable to pay bill or reduce payment

Believe me I've tried to contact them.

I have tried all week.

Thank you for asll your help.

Stay safe during this period.

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Unable to pay your bill - PLEASE DONT WORRY

Dear all,

I like many others am self employed, behind a closed door and will have huge issues meeting and paying bills in April.

Recently I asked the question about paying our BT bills during this time.

Although I've stated above PLEASE DON'T WORRY, it is still a worry.

I have been in touch and got an answer, and i might add one that I wasn't expecting.

BT as a whole are fully expecting people not to pay their bills on time for the foreseeable future.

They will not cut be cutting any service.

All they ask is that you pay what you can, when you can and any extra will be added to the next bill.

Call 0800 800 150 and follow instructions regarding billing and bill payment.

The call gets loged against the landline you are calling about and they will add the details to you account automatically about problems/issues with paying your next bill.

For me, that's an answer that I wasn't fully expecting (someone may have said the same or similar to my initial question a few days ago but my brains been mush for almost 3 weeks now) and it is a huge wait off of my mind.

That at least give me leeway in certain areas to pay people even if it's a small amount until my arrears ar fully paid off.

It's a pity that all that we deal with aren't being as helpful.

I hope this helps people.

Please stay safe.

Thank you

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Re: Unable to pay your bill - PLEASE DONT WORRY

thanks for posting that but, i wouldn't trust that as far as i could throw Anthony joshua!

BUT dont have or can see any other option for many people.

So what are you supposed to do? cancel your direct debit so they cant scoop in and take the money?


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Re: Unable to pay your bill - PLEASE DONT WORRY

As has been repeatedly explained in other posts. If you cancel your Direct Debit all you are doing is cancelling your payment method and not your BT package. When payment becomes due it will not be paid and you will go into default and all that that entails.

While BT won't pursue you for non payment until June, they will eventually disconnect your line and pursue you for non payment if you have not already contacted them to explain your position. 

You need to contact BT, despite it taking a very long time, and either ask for extra time or cancel your package, which might incur cancellation fees.

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Re: Unable to pay your bill - PLEASE DONT WORRY

If you go through the process and do what they tell you, on the automated service, and pay what you can when you can, then they can't cut the service.

I'll pay what I can this month, I'll do the same in May.

They will see that some kind of payment is being attempted.

If they are aware your situation ans at least paying them something, they'll see you aren't just trying it on and not paying, because at some point that will become evident, then they will cut the service and go all out to recover what ever is owed.