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Unable to send email

Hi.. I've been unable to send email for a fortnight now either via the webmail page or via Gmail. I'm receiving a 0781 error even though I'm only sending to one individual address at a time.

Over 72 hours ago I spent an hour on the phone to tech support who promised me that a 2nd tier engineer would look at this in 48 hours but it's still not working! I see loads of other people have had the same problem but BT don't seem to want to publish what the solution is...

I've been a BT internet customer since dial up days, the mid 90's and feeling really let down
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Re: Unable to send email

I have been having problems since Friday with the webmail ... won't attach anything, intermittent access to folders and inbox etc.


Have tried all browsers so it doesn't seem to be an Edge issue ..... all other email accounts (Gmail etc) are working fine.


I have done a workaround by using Windows mail but that doesn't help if I need to use it from another location, pc etc.

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Re: Unable to send email

Had the same problem. It took a week for level 2 to contact me. They said I should contact Apple about my client program, slight problem here as I do not use apple. They insisted that the problem was due to my android email program and Microsoft Outlook having over 700 sent emails on them, despite the problem occurring on webmail and the sent boxes being empty, and I should take my computer, phone and tablet to a technician to have all the client software reinstalled. As my contract is up for renewal shortly I decided to start by deleting my email address, it stated that the address would continue to receive for 60 days and could be reactivated up to that time. I reactivated the address, sent a test email and everything now works again.

As this is supposed to be a common problem why didn't level 2 suggest this fix?


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Re: Unable to send email

Hi, welcome to the forums.


Level 2 are completely wrong. It is nothing to do with anything you have been told.


However when you say you deleted and reactivated the address, how did you actually accomplish this?


The issue is almost certainly account based, hence it only affects very few people and not at all comon.


There could be a corruption issue somewhere, or interference that may have caused the account to fail. For example if a pc or smartphone/tablet poll the email account at the same time, there have been cases of failures.


The act of account deletion/activation may have triggered a reset.

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