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Unable to send email

I've been having problems sending from my old plusnet email account since early November using either Outlook on laptop or my mail app on phone.

I can receive emails but doesn't matter what I do I can't send from the account.

Initially I thought it was a problem with plusnet and they have had issues thru' November but when I was on holiday using a plusnet router and plusnet as ISP I could send emails. As soon as I was back home and trying to send emails thru' my BT router and BT as ISP then it stopped working again.

My wife is having the same problem with her plusnet emails.

I've been running the plusnet email account for 15+ years without issues and only reason I didn't swop to BT when I joined years ago was because the plusnet email is linked to my Domain name which is registered with plusnet.

Not sure why all of a sudden things have stopped working, my google email works fine.

I did notice that when I tried to send a verification email to my plusnet email it wasn't received but once I changed my email to the google one the verification email was received instantly.

Plusnet tech support have been trying to get this sorted but can't find a fault with my account or settings and we have decided it's an issue at the BT end.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is becoming a problem.

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Re: Unable to send email

I notice a few people have read the post but nobody has come up with any comments.

Is this normal on the BT community help site or does nobody have any comment at all?

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Re: Unable to send email

Generally speaking you only get comments if people can help with an answer to your problem.

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Re: Unable to send email


I was hoping i'd get an answer on here rather than spending hours on the phone to the BT tech's but obviously not.

I suppose it was worth a try.

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