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Unable to send emails from my Android phone


My android phone has stopped sending emails form my BT account, it used to work fine and it receives emails ok. I've tried deleting the acocunt and reinstating it but the problem. My wife is experiencing exactly the same problem on her iphone.

When you write an email it appears to send but they just stack up in the outbox.

I wonder if it's a problem at the BT server end.

Anyone experienced this and solved it?



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Re: Unable to send emails from my Android phone

Are you a BT Broadband customer or paying for your email through a BT Premium Email account?

Does your email send and receive when you log on via a web browser?

Have you checked that you have the correct settings?

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Re: Unable to send emails from my Android phone

I have a premium email account

It all works via a browser and all my settings are ok

I doenloaded the new BT email app onto my phone yesterday and that works fine.


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Re: Unable to send emails from my Android phone

Are you aware if your email account was previously on the BTYahoo email system and if it was it would appear to have been migrated to the BTMail system.

If it was still on the BTYahoo system the BTMail app would not work. The BTMail app automatically inserts the correct BT server settings.

If you were on the BTYahoo email system it may have been the case that your email clients were using the Yahoo server settings and not the correct BT sever settings as detailed in the links I previously posted.  If you would rather use your original app, as I previously said, it may be worth checking what server settings it is using. 


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