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Unconventional phone setup and impact of BT Infinity?

Hi - I'm after a bit of help with an unconventional phone setup I have and how it might have to change when we get Infinity around where I live.


The house is fed with a couple of underground pairs. Originally, we just had one phone line which terminates on a conventional NTE5 with an iPlate in the lounge, and then goes upstairs to the bedroom socket, and across to my home office - all on 4 wire. The lounge and bedroom sockets aren't used as we have cordless phones.


I then had a business line installed, and Openreach took the second U/G pair and connected it straight through to my home office on the second pair of the 4W and terminated it on a dual master (I seem to recall they pinched the bell wire off the other line for this).


So, as you can see from the diagram, my life revolves around my office rather than the lounge (sad I know....), and I would like to keep it that way.  You will also see I have a UPS in my home office too which protects all my key comms gear, PCs, and phones, with a number of devices hard wired off my existing HH3.


So my questions are:


1. I was a bit surprised on taking off the dual outlet surface plate in my home office to find it's a dual master - so that means there are two master sockets on my home line (I have checked and the NTE5 downstairs is still correctly wired in circuit). I was expecting the engineer to have cut the components off on that side of the dual socket. Any thoughts on that? I don't seem to be having any issues.  


2. Since it was evidently OK for the business line to be delivered right into the office, is there any reason why all the Infinity gubbins can't be delivered straight into there too? i.e. just joint the house phone pair right through to the home office, remove/blank-off the lounge and bedroom sockets, and split the 4w between the business copper circuit and whatever terminating unit FTTC needs? 


3. We aren't big TV fans in this house but I was mulling over YouView service for the TV in the lounge when we get Infinity, but the problem is how to get the connection down there from the hub in the home office (I guess those mains gadgets or wifi adapters might be the way to go - any experiences?). Then again, as the TV in the lounge is quite old, I might just replace it with a Smart TV with Wifi as we're unlikely to subscribe to much pay TV, but can we get BT Sport on that?


Note - the cable route from lounge to home office is pretty grim so I want to avoid adding cables.


Thanks for any advice or better ideas!



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