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Underfloor heating interfering with power line connection to BT TV

We’ve recently had underfloor heating installed in the room where the main BT socket and router is located. I have been used a power line adaptor to connect the TV youview box to the internet, but the flooring seems to somehow be interfering with the signal down the electrical wiring and the reception on BT Sport etc is now poor and signal especially on HD is broken.

It’s not really practical to move the router to another room (without having BT come and move the wall box). So looking for alternative suggestions that don’t rely on the electrical system. The router seems to still work fine but the it’s really the power line network that is suffering.

I’ve been thinking about:
- single Wi-fi range extender (like TP Link WR802N) to connect the youview box to the main router (it is within range)
- changing the router’s channel (not sure if this would solve the problem if the issue is on the electrical circuit?)
- upgrading to a mesh Wi-fi. Expensive and I’d need to use one of the hubs to connect to the TV (so probably would mean I need an extra one). I am assuming mesh does not work on the electrical system so hopefully no interference!?

Any thoughts on this or alternative suggestions?
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Re: Underfloor heating interfering with power line connection to BT TV

I assume you are using the approved BT Mini connectors?

You would not be able to use wireless from the normal home hub, as it does not transmit the multicast data which is needed for BT Sport, or theother extra channels.

You could run a data extension cable from your master socket, and then move the home hub to the same room as the YouView box, that may be the easiest option.

It would mean running a thin cable.

You can get RJ11 extension cables of quite long lengths if needed.

The other alternative would be to run a thin Ethernet cable between the home hub, and the YouView box.

Another option is described on this thread.

It looks like the complete WIfi system works for this person, but that would mean upgrading the home hub, and paying extra for the disk.

There is no guarantee that it will work. Running a cable is a better and cheaper option.

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