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Unexpected final bill

Was migrated to vodafone 2/9/16, even though I had phoned and cancelled the move. Run around for two days trying to get it sorted, my BT account was closed so they could try and get a new contract set up and my line / bb back to BT, but the outcome was i have left BT.

So, my last payed bill from BT took me upto 5/9/16 so wasn't expecting a final bill from them. But its came in today. £58 !!

They are billing me for broadband upto 2/10/16, without line rental and for a cease charge of £31. The bb charge must just be a mistake, can't bill for bb I cant use, but its the cease charge that's annoyed me looking at the bill.


Is this standard for everyone moving to a new supplier ? How many people are geting hit with this one ? Looks like a nice earner if it is. Never had a ISP charge me before for leaving them. But even looking it up in the T & C s and the web site, I cant quite figure out if I should be getting charged.


When will the charge be raised?

This charge will be raised should you:

  • Switch to a Cable provider
  • Switch to another Broadband provider without following the standard transfer process*
  • Cease your Broadband completely
  • Cease your Broadband and move outside of the UK

Not switching to cable - so no charge

followed  the correct proceedure as far as I know, left it all to the new provider, isn't that what we're supposed to do ? no charge

cease bb completley - what, with BT ? or completeley as in never having bb again ? charged ?

not leaving the country no charge


Looks like it might be a very frustrating call tomorrow to the call centre Smiley Mad 



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Re: Unexpected final bill

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Re: Unexpected final bill

The broadband charge was BT implementing their 30 day minimum notice clause, even though it doesn't apply as this was a change of provider and the new provider had informed hem, and BT had written to me to let me know they knew it was happening !!


That leaves the cease charge, well they aint budging on that, and say every customer is charged when they migrate. Very nice income stream for BT.



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