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Unfair deals to existing customers


I have been a BT customers for 40 years and worked for BT/ Openreach for 41 years. At present I have unlimted broadband which isn't very fast. I checked out the prices for upgrading to Infinity 1 on the BT website. I noticed that the contract is for 12 months, but this is incorrect. When I checked and went through the order page it said the contract was fo 18 months. How can you offer new customers a 12 month contract but tie down existing LOYAL customers and BT pensioner to an 18 month contract. On top of that you are expected to pay a £49 fee for moving and connecting wires in the exchange, cabinet and dslam cabinet. I thought rightly or wrongly that you would treat exisiting customers better thatn you are currently doing. After all these are the mainstay of your business, not the customers that get a CHEAP DEAL and scarper after 12 months. There need to be some joined up thinking by BT into treating exisiting customers better or the existing customers will become old customers that have left BT. Why are you treating EVERYONE as equal. Surely this is what you preach in your BT values but it doesn't seem to be working in reality.



Nigel Childs

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Re: Unfair deals to existing customers

Bt are no duffernt to many companies not just ISPs who give better deals to attract new customers than to existing customers  trying the options team often get existing customers the best deal 0800800030


maybe you can get pensioner rates?

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Re: Unfair deals to existing customers

I completely agree with what you are saying - it's incredibly poor practise and short sighted to treat existing customer so badly.


I've just got off the phone from the retentions department who could only offer me Unlimited BT Infinity 1 for £23 per month  + line rental for a year.  


It seems the only way to get new customer deals is to leave BT and that's exactly what I have just done by cancelling my Broadband package!


I'm happy with BT, I want to stay with BT, but the reward for being a long time customer is that I get charged over £10 per month more than a new customer, and that doesn't include the cashback!


Bye, bye BT Broadband.