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Unknown Problem!!!!


Ave been here before for help twice,

First time i found the solution (Thank you), second time after numorouse attepts at trying to find a solution no one could seem to find the problem.

The problem was that the Wireless on my laptop would just conk out at any moment (laptop had no problems, because it would conk out for everyone in the house) but the home hub would have no lights flashing, sometimes it came back by it self, other times I had to reset the home hub. I've lived with it for months now, it still does it from time to time but it does it alot less often then it used to.

I have a new problem tho, for some reason my Internet is not connecting. The wireless is connected but for some reason will not connect to the Internet.
I have tried restarting the home hub, doing reset to default and turning it of for a bit but to no avail. It just does not want to connect to the Internet. This has been going on for around 7 days, sometimes Internet pages will show but after 10 or 15 minutes will go off again. I have also tried changing the home hub channel.
The weard thing is it only happend when im upstairs, I am now sat next to the home hub and have had no problems. Been upstairs has never been a problem before.


According to Broadband Speed my Download speed is 11.42mb/s and Upload speed is 0.813mb/s


I re-start my studies in 1 weeks time, I rather this got resolved sooner rather then later if possible.

Thank you for any assistance I may get 🙂



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Re: Unknown Problem!!!!

Probably wireless interference.


Please see this help menu Wireless connection problems


If there is general interference, then changing the channel nay not help.

Which home hub version do you have?


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Re: Unknown Problem!!!!

Thank you for the swift reply,

Im not sure which home hub version I have. On the bottom of the hub it says BTHomeHub 2.0 if thats it?



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Re: Unknown Problem!!!!

yes that is it
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Re: Unknown Problem!!!!

This information may help.


Reported problems with the Home Hub 2.0


Do you know what version you have, and have there been other issues with it?


Has there been a drop in wireless signal level?



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