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Unlimited Standard Broadband - Super slow since moving house

Hi there,


So I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting in contact with anyone helpful at BT about my really slow standard broadband connection.


I moved to a new house on the 14th and my BT service moved with me. When I contacted BT over the phone to move the service, the guy I spoke to told me to get back in touch if after 10 days my internet speed was below 10MB.


It’s been over 10 days and my internet speed is sitting at 2.02MB. Now, I’ve tried hard to sort this out yesterday and today with BT staff and everyone keeps giving me the same rubbish answers. I do an internet speed test using Google and it says 2.02MB, yet BT do one and magically it’s 3.6MB which is within the range they promise.


I’m so frustrated because I’m doing these speed tests and I’m clearly getting different results so I can only conclude that I’m being lied to. I keep wondering if it’s some kind of tactic to force me into a more expensive contract.

I have multiple screenshots proving what my internet speed is, as well as two from BT stating the average speed for the flat I’m in. The average being between 10MB-19MB. It’s not like I’m out in the sticks either. I live in Glasgow and I just moved from the country where my internet was much faster, averaging at 14MB.


Can anyone help me with this? Everyone at BT has just been giving me the run-around and I really want this sorted out.

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Re: Unlimited Standard Broadband - Super slow since moving house

can you post stats from your router please  are you using the test socket to see if that helps your connection and also eliminates any problems with internal wiring


try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone


can you enter phone number and post results  remember delete number

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Re: Unlimited Standard Broadband - Super slow since moving house


Please see this page.

Complaints about slow broadband speed


Its worth doing a few checks, as @imjolly has suggested, but you are entitled to a free visit.

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Re: Unlimited Standard Broadband - Super slow since moving house

I've run through the suggested troubleshooting steps, and found some things. I've uploaded some images here for your reference here:

1. Phone number check: We don't have a landline phone, so I haven't been able to call the quiet line, but putting our phone number in the availability checker produced the first image in the link above. I'm not 100% clear on how to interpret the output, but it seems to suggest we should expect download speeds somewhere between 6.5 and 15 Mbps depending on whether we're on ADSL Max or WBC ADSL. Our router logs show a DSL noise margin 5.6dB up and 6.0 dB down. From what I can tell this means we have a very noisy line? This number did not change after plugging the router into the test port.

2. Test port: Plugging the router into the test port hasn't changed anything speed-wise. A speed test still results in somewhere between 1.5 Mbps and 2.75 Mbps download speeds.

3. Router logs: I've attached several router log images. These reveal that before we moved on the 14th, the only activity was daily NTP synchronisation. After we moved, the router has been logging multiple errors per day, including invalid packets and suspected TCP reset attacks. Once again, I'm not sure how to interpret the output here. 

Thanks for your help and happy new year! Looking forward to hearing what you think and how we might resolve the issue.

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Re: Unlimited Standard Broadband - Super slow since moving house

You should be connecting between 3.5Mbs and 18.5Mbs.


The logs are not the ones that show the connection speed, only events.


Is it the home hub 6 that you have?


If it is, then this link will give the information that is needed her.

Smart hub (HH6) connection information- you need to be connected to the home hub to see this info.


You will need to get hold of a landline phone. This explains why.


Why do I need a landline phone?


If you can provide the connection information as requested, and test the line for noise, then it should be possible to give you a better idea what is wrong and maybe fix it yourself, if its a wiring issue.


Remember, you are still entitled to a free visit, as I explained earlier.


Its better to post pictures onto your forum gallery, as external linking does not always work.


Here is how to post pictures.




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