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Unread messages that won't go anywhere

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In Email on my phone, there is an "unread" folder and only just recently some messages have dropped into there.  You cannot mark them as read, move them, delete them, they just stay there taunting me.  If I log onto BT Mail on my PC, there is no such folder as "unread" and I cannot see where I can include this folder in the drop down list.  I have connected phone via USB, and I still cannot see this folder.  The only way I found I could clear it was to un-install email on phone and re-install it.  Ideally I do not want to keep doing this.  Is there another way to get rid of these messages.   Thank you in advance.

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Re: Unread messages that won't go anywhere

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Try downloading and using a different mail app. If Android (you haven't specified OS) try K9 mail.

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