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Unresolved complaints

In October 2019 we received a call trying to sell Halo package. We declined but later in December 2019 we were billed for this. I phoned and made a complaint as it was a misold situation the promise this would be resolved.  My complaint was then closed and the price difference refunded. 

Again in January 2020 we were billed for the package again. I again called BT made a complaint and after much debate....they tried to tell me there would be an early cancellation fee....yhey promised to resolve hhe complaint and put me back on my previous package. The price difference was again refunded. 


I wrongly assumed problem solved....February the exact same problem....numerous conversations and finally a manager came on promised to resolve and also allow my to leave without penalty.  He also gave me an email to contact if there was any further problem...finally felt reassured


Again March 2020....they kindly cancelled th TV package but have put me on a BROADBAND and Phone package that is £52 a month....more expensive than the original package i signed up for and due to current situation i have not been able to speak to anyone and my emails have been ignored 


I want to cancel but can't get information to find out what package they have now randomly signed me up for


Does anyone know how i can check my redemption charge and package

Has anyone had any luck escalating complaints 


Many thanks 

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