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Unresolved orders and abysmal service

Having received more and more often emails advsing of exceeding broadband limit I finally decided to upgrade and go unlimited. Easy to do online according to the emails......  Not to be.  Can't progress the order as an open order on my account exists - for line rental saver ordered atthe start of the month, paid for and in place. For some reason the order remains open and is stopping me progressing an order for broadband upgrade. 


I have called the customer helpline and repeatedly put through to the sales team who obviously want to help but can't as i need "Order management". I have tried the online chat - useless. I tried the helpline again, - '150', ask for 'chase order'. And still get nowhere.  And then i finally do get to the right team only to get a very cursory recorded message - an unclear problem - telling me to ring again tomorrow, with no toher options and the line goes dead. 


What makes it even more laughable is that on the last occasion I had indicated i would do customer feedback survey, so a few minutes later the phone rang, recorded message and prompts taking me through the survey [how good do you think the feedback was....], before giving the chance to explain your feedback.... which promptly cut me off.


The service is astonishingly bad. I feel sorry for the operatives who are trying to help but are trapped in one of the pits of hell, encumbered by an awful system. You can't even get a complaint registered!


For the love of all things, can anyone offer any advice on how to get through the system to actually give BT more money by upgrading, or even any hope??? I will now be searching for alternative providers.

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Re: Unresolved orders and abysmal service

Hi WilFi,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. It sounds like there's an account based problem that we'll need to take a closer look at for you. Can you please send over the details? You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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Re: Unresolved orders and abysmal service

New to all of this, as I lived abroad for 25 years.  Disabled pensioner who waited three months for my first BT phone & broadband installation to work. 18 months later, moved 500 yards down the road, stayed with BT as they confirmed instant transfer to new address on 03 July.  After over 200 hours of me calling the Indian takeaway, always polite, but reading from a scripted menu, I crawled, 50 times from PC to hub, connected, disconnected hub & phone. went to garage for a screwdriver & 3 times removed the BT box from the wall to discover spiders,cobwebs & dust.  They suggested that I found an intelligent responsible neighbour to come and help. (OK so physically disabled but Unix, cobal & fortran programmer, F.C.A. Chartered Accountant, with a Mensa IQ of over 140 - what an insult) My IT PHd. son tried for about 3 hours going through the same routine, without success. After two weeks with a phone in my ear, crawling the floors, I finally demanded that an engineer be called, advised that it was at my expense.  Poor Dave arrived three days later and it took him four hours+, to discover the BT socket was faulty and out of date,  only then to discover that the local exchange had my line connected to a different number. So took him another 1+ hours at the exchange to sort it out.


I complained, very strongly to BT 8 days ago, but have had no reply, surprise, surprise, just unwanted texts asking me to rate the service - there is no level for total disgust. 1 is satisfied, 2 is dissatisfied - I give them a 10 - totally worn out and **bleep** off with their terrible polite Indian waiters, please and thank yous, but not listening to a word you say.  Thet literally are reading of a pre-scripted text, saying please and thank you every 5 seconds.  I just wonder how much a 24 hour manned call centre is costing them in India, probably 100 less than the C.E.O.'S annual salary.

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Re: Unresolved orders and abysmal service

I have had the same problem. I placed an order on 9th June for a package (TV, SIM, Mobile, landline) and was told everything will be up and running within a few days. I asked for it to be turned on/delivered by 29th June as I was going to be away until then. I arrived back on 29th June to find nothing had been done except there were a few voicemail messages saying that they needed to contact me - no reference number, no call back details nothing.


Since 29th June, I have spent over 25 hours on the phone to BT call centres. First they couldn't even find me on their system, eventually they did and then one after the other, the operators have promised me the world on a platter but even today - nothing! I have eventually ordered on-line and have been told it will all be all be up and running on 7th August! Let's see...Pigs may fly..


BT is a 3rd World Organisation providing less than 3rd World services but purporting to be state-of-the-art.


The only thing BT got right - and this shows where their focus really is - was to bill me the next day for switching on my landline!

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