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Unsafe account details ???

Back here again for second problem, I don't know if anybody has access to my account, I certainly have given out no details to anybody including close family so nothing is happening my end. At first the reason I found out was not being able to use the same type of password for the Email account as well as the MYBT password, Email account only being able to use letters and numbers and not punctuation marks, so I changed passwords about a few times, once this was realised I settled on one for the email account and a more secure mixture for the MY BT account .


Now the problem is I settle for a password for the MY BT then when I go to log into the account is says ID and password don't match try again, now I know I'm not doing anything wrong, I've dealt with Forum/Account passwords for years, I must have had the problem happen 10x alone in the last week, I couldn't use my password yesterday, so I used the "forgot password link" and reset my password, even though I knew what it was,  again it worked just fine, this morning I was again " id and pass don't match" shut out again, I repeated the forgot password routine again, even though I knew full well what the pass was, then blow me at about 3.00 p.m today ,only five hours after resetting it, I'm shut out again for the same reason, ID and pass don't match , this time I contacted the help team, so here I am connected to your Indian help centre, she was very polite but only had the knowledge of how to help me reset my password again, that was never the problem, the system is the problem of keep telling me that my ID and Password don't match, I know full well that they do but can't do a thing about it, until the other day my phone had the normal text from 64364 with about 8 pin reset numbers, until I deleted them thinking the problem was sorted but 3 resets in less than 24 hrs confirms nothing working at all, the Indian lady said she's pass this on to the tech team at but I won't hold my breath for any fix at all. Now I'm saving all pin reset texts as evidence to time and date.


My worry about the account is more concerning than just this though, I was switched on on 3rd October but never downloaded anything until later that night, then as a download test , I have gone back to those files to see what size they were, just under 150 mb for both files, upon checking MY BT the next day under broadband useage my figures were as follows


Downloaded  2.81 Gb

Uploaded  0.20  gb


Clearly not my figures at all


My son doesn't have a job at the moment and plays on runescape some days, not every day but he's playing an online game not downloading solid data, now my figures are upto


Downloaded  6.51 GB

Uploaded      0.38 GB


Now these figures nowhere near add up, his desktop and laptop are still fed by my Virgin internet broadband, it's only the odd day his mate comes round and  borrows my daughters laptop which she never uses.


Although the internet package is unlimited I shouldn't have someone else's use on my figures, my first check on 4th October stated use from 1st October till the 3rd October, I never even got connected until about 3.00 p.m on the 3rd and as I said, I know what test files I downloaded.


So in another 9 days of occasional Runescape playing thats another 4 gb of data downloaded , I don't think so !!


So I'm seriously concerned about the security measures surrounding my BT account, what with not being able to enter my own account very often unless I reset my password and download figures that certainly don't belong to me, Im very worried indeed to say the least.



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Re: Unsafe account details ???

If your son is playing an online game then he is constantly downloading/uploading data while playinghence why usage increases on the days he is playing

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Re: Unsafe account details ???

I don't dispute that fact at all, but I know for a fact I had 2.81 GB as download on my account virtually before I even started using it, 150 mb belonged to me as download, and 4 gb for occasional play on runescape doesn't add up either, both his computers are running on Virgin, not the BT internet connection, and why can't I log into my own account as the password doesn't match and have to reset it many times, I suppose thats another .5 gb used as well ???

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