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Unstable Infinity since house move

Hi There,


I had Infinity 1 activated last Friday however it seems I have been put on a 80/20 circuit resulting in the connection randomly bursting above 40Mb and dropping packets.


Modem is currently syncing at ~70Mb but the connection is generally jumping around due to being throttled. IP Profile showing 70.03mb currently, throughput tests show 40.5Mb which is fine however the graphs are essentially massive mountains i.e bounce to 55Mb down to 20Mb and repeat.


I've had a similar situation in the past and it's pretty much impossible to explain to India as they don't seem to understand the process. Does anyone have any idea who I could contact to get this resolved? Thanks

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Re: Unstable Infinity since house move

Is this speedtest being done wired or wirelessly?

Can you post the router stats for us so we can see the connection details?
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Re: Unstable Infinity since house move

was this self install?  if so are you using the test socket with a new filter?


try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

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