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Unstable Ping

Hi, I have over the last few months had a big issue with ping. Whenever someone in the household watches an on-demand streaming platform like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime etc I get very unstable ping to servers. It seems to make no difference if they are streamed over WiFi or Ethernet. My PC is Ethernet but testing ping on games consoles I have similar issues. I have had BT for a few years now and this has just happened recently. I average around 20mbps download speed if that makes any difference. This is an example of what happens, it makes any type of game unplayable if online as well as connecting in platforms like Skype etc to speak to friends and family. I have tried switching out ethernets, restarting the internet etc all the basic stuff but nothing changed. I am pretty clueless to this so there's a chance I may be missing something obvious, is there any way to solve this?
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Re: Unstable Ping

I also must add that I can run two netflix streams seemingly perfectly fine

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Re: Unstable Ping

We are all suffering, see the thread above this:

High Ping while streaming netflix

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