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Re: Unstable connection / high ping spikes

Hello there, i've recently encountered this lag spike issue, with my ping going into the 1000's. My father's been a long-time customer, and we've used BT for years. Only up to about 2 or 3 months ago did this issue start happening. It started off quite tame, ping reaching into the 100's. Now they spike to the 1000's on a regular basis and just creating a ridiculous unstable connection. And yes I've done every test possible, apart from replacing the master socket (it cant be that anyways because its always in mint condition).

What I find funny is BT told me the exact same thing that they told the original poster, that they only guarantee download and upload speed and ping is none of their concern. But how can I even utilise my download and upload speed with an unstable connection? It's like buying a car with no wheels.

I was hoping to have an update from any of you who were experiencing the same sort of issue. Has the issue been fixed for you guys, or has it just disappeared?
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Re: Unstable connection / high ping spikes

Are you using a BT router?

Many of us use third party routers to help against latency. 
could you post a pic of PingPlotter showing the issues which is helpful and explain if you are gaming via console or pc, how it’s connected, how many devices are connected to the router, your upload and download rates.

the more info the better it is to see why you are hitting such high levels. 

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Re: Unstable connection / high ping spikes

I wired a cat6 ethernet cable to bypass it
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