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Unusable internet since assumed drive in network traffic in recent weeks

Now I am by no means tech savy when it comes to internet and what have you but ever since Corona and kids being off my internet has become an absolute disaster. During the day at random intervals and between 7-11pm at night I may aswel ditch the internet and go read myself a book.

The speeds upon various testing programs are often highlighting decent speeds (in comparison to the best I can achieve locally anyway 16mb at best), sometimes this can come up short but not very often. The problem however shows itself via the latency area. It is beyond ridiculous it will literally sit at continuosly (not spike) from anywhere between 120 and 3000 and that is not a typo. 

Now I understand BT will not guarantee ping / latency which would be fine if I was kicking off about 10ms but it is that poor I would have a quicker connection with a tin can to the moon. Now for anyone who plays computer games they know this is a complete write off, I am unable to play at all it is as simple as that. However whether BT would dare to say they can do nothing about it because it is ping and they don't give any assurances on that who knows. Either way even with those displayed speeds we get random buffering to movies and programmes across all devices and platforms (wired or through wifi), on top of the fact that even surfing the internet can sometimes take 20-30 seconds to load even simple things like google!! (I assume this is latency related too).

The crazy thing is that after any time between 10:30pm and 11:30pm it will randomly turn amazing offering constant ping/latency of 22ms (instead of 120-3000ms) making gaming smooth aswel as perfect movie/programme viewing to all platforms and devices. To me the fact that this is the case clearly indicates an issue with BT managing network traffic at peak times, broadbandgenie appears to lead me in that direction too. see article  

It seems trivial with what is going on at the moment but being taken from work for a minimum 12 weeks is enough to drive me crazy anyway without taking away a pass time that would otherwise help keep me sane. 

Please say someone somewhere has had similar issues or someone at BT can personally help deal with this as there is no way as a customer I should be allowed to experience this and it be deemed an acceptable service.

Oh and I have reported the issue on the 24/03 via phone to which I got no update till yesterday stating the problem was fixed (I say update but nobody told me anything I just had to keep checking the fault tracker myself). I then called back as it was no better today and after a discussion with someone at BT technical I was assured a call back by 9pm to see if a line reset and hub reboot had fixed the problem. No it hadn't and no I did not receive that call back.

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Re: Unusable internet since assumed drive in network traffic in recent weeks

Can you post hub stats. If hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information 

can you enter your phone number and post results. Remember delete number but please leave exchange and cab number.

Can you run btspeedtester then diagnostic test and post results. Must be done with Ethernet connection  can you run when download speed appears ok and then when bad.

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Re: Unusable internet since assumed drive in network traffic in recent weeks

So this is my technical logSo this is technical dataSo this is technical data

Then this is broadband availability

Broadband availability.png

Then finally a speedcheck that keeps revealing this diagnostic error message every time I try! I know I have fibre broadband but I am pretty confident that is only to the cabinet and not direct to the house (1940s house and no wiring new to property in 4 years I have been here and looks unlikely fibre was ever pulled direct to he house)


It was having a mad moment before I started testing and as soon as I did a reboot to follow the bt wholesale instructions to the tee it seems to have stabilised (this has been done many a time before and only offers a short term fix if at all (even worse at peak times doesn't fix for longer than a minute then if at all)). This is the test used aswel as cmd showing pingtest just to show a low point before I started your requested bits. All testing was done between 8:30am - 9:15am



Hopefully this covers everything but should you want me to do anything again or additionally I will do so! Just to reiterate that internet was playing up on those last two images then was performing ok for the top three images!

Kind regards,

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Re: Unusable internet since assumed drive in network traffic in recent weeks

I know I have not had a response yet and I look forward to hopefully hearing off someone shortly anyway but just to add a bit more info I decided to use pingplotter to really highlight what a terrible latency issue I am experiencing. To summarise though it has basically been consistently bouncing between 20-100 all day which seems well below a reasonable expected standard of fluctuation barring some dodgy spiking moments (see 4pm picture for info regarding most of the day experience) then between 5pm and 8pm it is near enough 20 solid which is brilliant again just the with odd spike for whatever reason (see picture for 7pm). Hit our lovely peak 8pm slot and has gone completely to pot no doubt staying like till around 11 or so (see 8pm picture) Same exact pattern nearly everyday rendering the internet useless whenever I want to use it. Pictures below included a full day summary









If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! I really would expect BT to feel the need to deal with this as surely it is not acceptable??

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Re: Unusable internet since assumed drive in network traffic in recent weeks

Any ideas folks :(?

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Re: Unusable internet since assumed drive in network traffic in recent weeks

The packetloss in the last image is kinda concerning.

Have you tried doing a quiet line test?

Call 17070 and select option 2 for the Quiet Line Test and let it run through a few annoucements, there should be zero noise, crackling on the line althought if you are using a cordless phone there will be the normal hum in the background.

Do as you did with the pings, and do the tests a couple of times a day OR when you observe bad weather. That could give a little more information.

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Re: Unusable internet since assumed drive in network traffic in recent weeks

Thank you for your response. I have tried it a couple of times (all be it two times in an identical period of up and down latency period so likely to offer same response) and both times it sounds really clear barring that tiny bit of a humming noise, on speaker the hum even vanishes. I am happy to dry at few different periods to see if anything shows itself though!

I should of explained but here is a summary of my ping over last 24 hour period now I have completed a full day cycle



Apologies in advance for my poor attempt to zoom so you can see times a little better. Basically that large red part initially (9pm - 9:30pm last night) was me downloading and then I have also been downloading since around 11am this morning all day. Is it normal to have packetloss at this sort of level when downloading to your capacity? Either way there is still a lot of random red spikes when I am certainly not downloading! It is just mad how stable the ping is through the night and then how different it is when everyone is using it! Especially on a night time it is pretty much consistently flaring up to a wacking 400ms every other second rendering it useless for gaming.

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