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Unusual BT Infinity problem shows the lack of any customer care in BT

I have had a problem with my BT Infinity line for almost 6 weeks now. The speed test is fine, but web pages fail to open. Not a simple problem and the technical help desk first replaced the home hub and then rather rudely told me it was my device. This was clearly not the case since it was replicated on 3 computers and an iPhone which all performed well on other networks. After threatening to cancel my account I finally spoke to someone in the UK who agreed to send an engineer out. He arrived, verified the problem with his own laptop, changed all the hardware and then finished his shift and left the job incomplete. This visit was when I learned the difference between Openreach and BT.


I then had to get another engineer out to do a "lift and shift" which failed to solve the problem. He then tried to get further help from a BT advisor but got no help and left again without solving the problem. The engineers did tell me one of their colleagues had seen a similar problem that was due to system settings and a failure of the BT equipment to handshake with the Openreach lines. Apparently this had only been solved by closing the BT account and opening a new one and setting everything up from scratch. It scares me to think of the implications of doing this, since BT as a "service" provider seem incapable of doing anything in a joined up manner


Probably like everyone on this forum I have a specific problem which probably represents less than 1% of all the complaints that BT get. Why do BT not have a team of customer care advisers to whom such problems could be escalated? That person would then provide a single point of contact, responsible for knowledge of the problem, monitoring progress and ensuring a satisfactory outcome. It seems so obvious and would go a long way to restoring some service reputation.


I am still communicating through the Indian call centre who everytime ask me to describe the same problem. Unfortunately, it seems like I need to get the line sorted out before moving to another service provider.

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Re: Unusual BT Infinity problem shows the lack of any customer care in BT

Are you sure it's not just a DNS issue?
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