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Update to HH6 killed DHCP

Hi, since around early November I've been having loads of issues with devices struggling to connect, either taking a few mins to connect or completely failing. It's generally getting worse to the point that most things can't connect without me giving them a static IP, I have 20+ devices so this isn't practical at all, things like Chromecasts are difficult to do, some of my devices can't be set with a static IP until they have connected already (which just fails). I'm on SG4B1000223E.


A big issue is that I work from home once or twice a week and I can't change my work laptop to a Static IP (lack of access, not going to change). As a result I have to tether to my phone instead which is using large amounts of my data and is considerably slower.


Basically I'm paying for something that barely works, has this been acknowledged as an issue as at the moment it's pretty service breaking...

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Re: Update to HH6 killed DHCP

You need to...


1) go on Amazon and order a proper router on next day delivery

2) take out 'SmartHub' and lob casually into the nearest bin

3) take 10 minutes to configure the new router, marvelling at just how easy it is

4) take a breath and relax as you now have a working and stable network


Joking aside, at present the above method seems to be the only sure-fire way of resolving the issues. The alternative is to TRY and get BT to send you a HH5 or buy one off eBay but these aren't without issue.


I installed a TP-Link VR900 which has resolved my issues 100% and even works with the BT IPTV service.


BT are supposed to be working on a fix but each iteration of the firmware seems to make things worse, and you have no choice whether it's downloaded and installed. At some point it will be, and will further break things.

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Re: Update to HH6 killed DHCP

@mronks Of the 20 or so devices you have, are any of them configurable as a DHCP server? For example if you have a NAS you'll find many of them can be configured as a DHCP server. Then simply disable the DHCP server on the Hub 6, either permanently or until they sort their firmware out.



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