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Updates break the shortcut


I have many computers and on all of them I don't have my BT Cloud folder on my C: drive as they are small NVMe drives that is just for my operating system. I have moved my folder to my 😧 drive that is a larger SATA SSD that I use for quick access storage.

In the BT Cloud Dashboard I have pointed the software to use D:\BT Cloud and that's where it stores all my data. Under the folder tree in File Explorer, the BT Cloud shortcut takes me to D:\BT Cloud. Until, that is, I update the software. That shortcut tries to take me to C:\Users\"user name"\BT Cloud and tells me that is is unavilable. Of course it is, as it doesn't exist. Every update it breaks the shortcut.

I have found the only way to rectify the issue is to; stop BT Cloud from syncing, go in change the name of the BT Cloud file, create a file at C:\Users\"user name"\BT Cloud, move all the data into it, then tell the Dashboard that I want it moved back to D:\BT Cloud.

I get really tired of doing this. Can I have updates not break the shortcut? Can I point the shortcut to where the folder is?


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Re: Updates break the shortcut

Hi @leonadams Sorry you are having problems with the Cloud service.

Please contact the Cloud helpdesk on 0800 500 3114 and they will be able to help you.


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