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Upgrade and contract issues

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Due to SKY Anytime + I am now hitting my 40GB limit on BT Infinity Option1, therefore I started to enquire about upgrading to Option 2.....


I am being told this is not possible without recontracting for 18 months - Is this true? Why do you not want more money off me for the remainder of my existing contract?


Anyway after pushing back I was told it was possible to do this on a 12 month recontract if I merge my BT Vision Account with my Broadband/Line Rental......don't ask me why they are separate......but they couldn't do it and had to be passed to another ring back.....


So ring back I did only to be told it will have to be an 18 month recontract again......


So what is the truth? Because if it is an 18 month recontract, I will be holding off and switching to sky at the earliest opportunity.......shame BT can't be very flexible as they would earn more money out of me....


Thanks for any reply

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Re: Upgrade and contract issues

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I think you might have been slightly mis advised or the agend didn't understand you.

The probably thought you wanted to go to Infinity 2 (aka 80/20 service) not Infinity option 2. It can be confusing but I'd call up and be explicit that you just want to increase you usage top option 2, not lengthen your contract on the faster speeds of Infinity 2.
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