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Upgrade during contract

Asking on behalf of my parents:

They currently have BT's basic "Fibre Essential" FTTC service. Their contract does not end until the end of May but they are being offered an online upgrade to "Fibre1" for £2.50 less per month than they are currently paying for their broadband package (excluding phone call package and extra features). Obviously they will be tied into another 24 month contract which is fine but I just wondered if there are any other hidden catches to look out for?

With my ISP for example, they often make an admin charge (£30 I believe) if you renew/upgrade/change package with more than a month still to run on your current contract but they don't really advertise the fact (or even tell you at the time), so it can come as a shock to those not aware of it. Is there anything like that?

Also, is is advisable to take an online deal? Am I likely to get them a better deal by phoning BT's loyalty team and haggling for a cheaper price? Perhaps even getting them a discount on their extras such as the unlimited UK calls package etc?

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Re: Upgrade during contract

I've always taken advantage of the online early upgrade offers available through MyBT. There's been no admin fees etc and the offers have always been good and competitive. I've had price reductions and free stuff thrown in on various products and all done with a couple of dobs on my phone screen. 👍

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Re: Upgrade during contract

There's no admin fee for regrades and if the new deal is cheaper, you'll see a small pro-rata refund on the next bill, to cover what yuou were billed at the old rate and when the new cheaper deal takes effect from.

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