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Upgrade from BT Homehub 2 to BT Homehub 5 failure

Following a conversation with your sales department, I decided to upgrade my Internet to increase the speed. This switched us from a homehub 2 to a hub 5. The new hub was delivered on the 17th of June and installed. On Monday 20th an engineer connected us to the new service. Since that date we have had no Internet.


I phoned the BT fault line and was told that any faults would be repaired by the 23rd of June. This did not happen. Over the following 3 weeks I have made numerous phone calls to BT and spoken to your: fault line, customer services and the technical department. An engineer visited the property on the 4th of July but was unable to amend the issue. Following further calls, a "more experienced engineer" was booked to call in the 8th of July between 8am and 1pm, they failed to turn up. Following further calls, today I have been informed that I will receive a call about this matter within 24-48 hours. Previous promises to call me within 24 hours have not materialised.


I am a retired solicitor and run a property business from home. Unfortunately, because I live in a rural location, and there is no mobile phone signal at my property. Each day I drive to a friend's house to check my e-mails. Furthermore. I have spent 2 days sitting here waiting for BT engineers to appear. I have been deeply disappointed by the customer service provided by BT and very frustrated by the fact that no matter how many times I contact your company, I am powerless to get this matter resolved.


I am now losing income as I cannot run my business, which relies upon online payments and Land Registry downloads. It appears our new service is impossible due to the lines we use. However switching back to our old service has proved a task to great for BT customer care. Can anyone resolve this issue?


Yours Faithfully,


J M Sutton



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Re: Upgrade from BT Homehub 2 to BT Homehub 5 failure

As a retired solicitor running a business, I would have thought you would be aware of the benefits of a business line with a proper agreed SLA rather than a best endeavours residential  line. I would also have thought you would be aware that it is against the terms and conditions of your residential service to run a business on it.

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Re: Upgrade from BT Homehub 2 to BT Homehub 5 failure

@JanmSutton Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry the problems with your broadband upgrade and all the inconvenience this is causing you.


We'll be happy to help you get this resolved, please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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