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Upgrade required to view this content


I have BT Sport direct with BT, but TV with SKY. I watch BT Sport on a small PC fairly frequently and sometimes on another device. I have now started to see a message that "You need to upgrade your package to view this content" it happened On Sunday night before the Champions League final, but after a few attempts it cleared. I 'think' somehow there's a device limit, but as I don't have BT TV I can't log into the BT TV app on my phone to manage devices (as the link suggests) and check. Is there anyway round this?



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Re: Upgrade required to view this content

I am also having this problem all of a sudden... I can access and watch Bt Sport on my iPhone but my iPad app shows a screen where there are padlocks over the channels. It tells me I only have Bt Lite (?) which I never realised as I used to watch everything. so I clicked to free upgrade and still after a long period the padlocks remain and I can only watch it on one device....

ideas gratefully received please 

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Re: Upgrade required to view this content

There's no device limit on BT Sport - you can watch on as many different devices you like, as long as no more than 2 at the same time.

The upgrade message specifically means that it thinks you don't have a subscription.

What type of subscription do you have?  

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Re: Upgrade required to view this content

I have the Bt sport pack.... I think it’s the pack for Sky tv but I don’t have sky and already access it on my iPad and stream it to the tv. The error message that accompanies the padlocked channels says I have BT sport lite but I’ve never had the lite version. 


im working away from home at present so wondering if the WiFi won’t allow it? But it works on the iPhone though so totally unsure! 

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Re: Upgrade required to view this content

We have the BT Sport Pack direct from BT. It's odd, it seems to fix itself after a while if I log out, clear browser history, reboot etc. but not always those processes fix it. It only seems to have started in the last week, before that it's been flawless. There's no associated error code, just the message seen in the screenshot.

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Re: Upgrade required to view this content

2 different issues in this thread.  @Salcombedrewsy if you're logged into the BT Sport app on your iPad with the same username that you're logged into these forums with, then all content should be available to you. Please head across to the More tab in the app and confirm that it shows that you're logged in with the account you think you are.  If you are, then we'll need to investigate further as there are no known issues as you've described.

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Re: Upgrade required to view this content

@karenbutterworth you're not logged into the forum with the BT ID you're logged into BT Sport with, so I can't check your account. If you could send me a private message with your BT ID, I'll see if I can work out what's going on.

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