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Upgrade to WiFi calling

Hi, hope someone can help.

I have a signal assist box which has been working fine until recently, and bt have advised me they're no longer supported.

My phone is a Moto g9 plus which itself supports WiFi calling but doesnt enable with a bt sim.

Next step seems to be to get a phone through bt which supports WiFi calling. I've been looking at the oppo a72 and would like to know the following:

A) can my bt sim only package be upgraded to include a phone - I can't see that option. 

B) If I was to buy the oppo a72 from elsewhere (Amazon) would WiFi calling work?



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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

Have you actually tried it?

The BT list of Wi-Fi calling phones is completely out of date, inaccurate and is not maintained, as such it is not to be believed.

I have a Nokia 7 plus which I brought from Amazon and is on the BT network. MyBT tells me that I do not have Wi-Fi calling, but I can pull down the notification area during a call and it tells me that a Wi-Fi call is in progress.

If you haven't already done so, I would try it first before committing to a new phone

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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

Yep have tried it and the option isn't available unfortunately. I used to have a Nokia 8.1 and it did work although not on the bt list.....I was wondering whether it was because it was Android one, so no other firmware had been installed to stop it working.


Does anyone from bt have a complete list? Given the amount they charge for their services you should think someone would know

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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

That list looks pretty out of date too

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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

I know, but I don't think you'll find another. Did you notice the Nokia 8 right down at the bottom of the list? Don't assume it's alphabetic

Getting back to something you said earlier, mine is also Android One phone but WiFi calling still works 

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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

Hi @Rjf87 

If you buy an android phone from anywhere other than BT/EE then the installed firmware is most likely to determine whether wifi calling will work or not.

Read this thread for more information, the link will take you to one of the most relevant pages as it's a long thread.

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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

I have an Honor 10 phone.

It supports Wi-Fi calling - it's working now with my '3' PAYG SIM and when I tried my mother's SIM (Vodafone I think) that worked too.

With both of those SIMS I could turn Wi-Fi calling on and off in the 'Call Settings' page on the phone.

With my BT SIM though, that option disappears from the settings page and Wi-Fi calling does not work.  I assume that there is some config update when the phone detects the SIM (to set the APN etc) and this is disabling Wi-Fi calling?

Bearing in mind that I know Wi-Fi calling works.  Is there some way to override that setting?


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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

My daughters (SIM free) Moto G8 Plus works fine with both Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE.

Have you checked the SIM has been provisioned?

If you dial *#*#4636#*#* and select Phone Information when you scroll down you can see if the SIM have been provisioned for both Wi-Fi and VoLTE (4G) calling.

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Re: Upgrade to WiFi calling

Yep tried all that. It seems certain phones can and certain phones can't allow WiFi calling, even if they actually have it built in.


I have upgraded my contract for an oppo a72 and WiFi calling works fine

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