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Upgrade while still in contract ?

Hi Everyone !!

Thanks for your help in the past  I have another one for you :

I have a Touch 2 on an 18 month contract and would like to up grade to something that runs the android  system ,

I rang BT who were not that helpful ,They said I would have to pay a **bleep** of a lot more ,

Any idea`s ?? 

I have until next August 2011 till the contract is up for renewal but would love to get an android op/system 


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Re: Upgrade while still in contract ?

Hi Mick,


BT will (reasonably enough) hold you to the contract.  I can only suggest you take out another phone/contract with them or another, and let a member of your family have the T2 until contract ends. That T2 is contracted to you until August 2011, unless you buy out, which would be the same package cost.


I would'nt be too quick to takeanother phone with BT though; check out the android phones offerred by other operators and do your sums. There are some v.good HTC android deals in the marketplace at the moment.

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