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Upgraded broadband package, speed issues.

So firstly, hello, and my thanks both for the provision of what seems a very helpful forum and thanks doubly to anyone who takes the time to read this.

So a bit of background information. I'll try to keep it brief.

Initially signed up for BT broadband back in... 2003ish, on a 2 mb connection. Some 4 years later I upgraded to what should have been an 8 mb connection, but saw no increase in download or upload speed. I was told at the time it was an issue with the line quality and I'd see gradual improvements in speed as improvements were made to the local infrastructure. ( I live in a fairly rural area). Speed increase never occured. Cut to about 3 weeks ago - I'd checked the BT website and the phone number check told me I should be getting 7-8mb on this line. Talked to some close neighbors with BT connections and they're getting 8mb. Verified with BT helpline who ran a line check and told me 7-8mb. I signed up for a new contract for unlimited broadband and calls, upgraded the first gen home hub to a shiny new home hub 3, new microfilter, plugged straight into the primary wall socket. No speed increase on uploads or downloads.

I've spent the last 3 weeks on and off the phone to the helpdesk, they've sent an engineer to replace the faceplate of the wall socket and run line quality tests, which were fine. They've run numerous line checks remotely, reset IP, rerouted the broadband signal (or something like that - all sounded a bit jargony to my untrained ears) and more besides and ...nothing. The connection speed isn't even fluctuating a little. Still stuck on the same speed I had 8 years ago. They're baffled and apologetic, and keep trying new things and getting nowhere.

Please please help! Smiley Happy

ADSL Line Status
Connection Information
Line state:    Connected
Connection time:    3 days, 02:48:26
Downstream:    2.219 Mbps
Upstream:    288 Kbps
ADSL Settings
VPI/VCI:    0/38
Type:    PPPoA
Modulation:    G.992.1 Annex A
Latency type:    Fast
Noise margin (Down/Up):    31.7 dB / 29.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up):    18.9 dB / 10.0 dB
Output power (Down/Up):    16.7 dBm / 11.6 dBm
FEC Events (Down/Up):    0 / 0
CRC Events (Down/Up):    2 / 4
Loss of Framing (Local/Remote):    0 / 0
Loss of Signal (Local/Remote):    0 / 0
Loss of Power (Local/Remote):    0 / 0
HEC Events (Down/Up):    1 / 0
Error Seconds (Local/Remote):    2 / 4

Few things I notice (but can't do much about):

Noise margin is crazy high, right? I'm almost certain it wasn't a couple of weeks ago though I don't have the logs - they only seem to extend back 2 days, except for the very first power up 3 weeks ago. I'm fairly sure it was in the 10s before one of the attempts to fix the speed.

Upstream is 288, even if the line quality was a factor that should still be syncing at 448, no? Does that suggest some artificial limit still in place from when I was signed up for a 2 mb connection years ago?

I should note again that the upstream and downstream numbers have never, to my knowledge, changed even a little. I see those numbers in my sleep. They haunt me Smiley Wink

Anyway, thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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Re: Upgraded broadband package, speed issues.


the fact that you have an upstream of 288 is an indication that you are on a fixed speed. so regardless of what speed BT quote. you will not receive it until that has been removed. Contact a mod. for help 

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Re: Upgraded broadband package, speed issues.

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Re: Upgraded broadband package, speed issues.

with your attenuation on adslmax you should have the max 8mb connection.  contact the mods with the link provided or you could try online chat and see if they can help as mods will take 2/3 days to get back to you

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Re: Upgraded broadband package, speed issues.

Thank you all very much for your replies. You've been extremely helpful. I have contacted the mods using the first link, so fingers crossed that in a few days this might be on its way to getting sorted. Again, many thanks.

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