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'Upgraded' but still on plain old ADSL (G.992.1)

I received a service upgrade notice via e-mail way back in January, and on the appointed date my stable ADSL download speed duly increased from about 3 to just under 5 Mbits /sec.


However I notice from my Home Hub 2 Settings page that the connection is still ITU-T G.992.1, so despite an upload noise margin of 23.0 dB, upload speed is stuck at 448 Kbps.


What's happened? Why don't I have ADSL 2 or ADSL 2+?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: 'Upgraded' but still on plain old ADSL (G.992.1)

if you received the email advising your exchange was being upgraded to 21CN in January I would have expected your connection to have been done by now.  It does get rolled out in stages but 6 months is longer than I would expect.


try sending email to mods and see if they can help


I would suggest you search the forum for 'upgrade problems' just so you are aware that it does not always go smoothly

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