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Upgraded from HH3 to HH5 and Speed Dropped Straight Away

Hello All,


I did a very foolish thing earlier in the week. I ordered a Home Hub 5 to replace my Hub 3. I installed it today and immediately the download speed dropped from an average 71megs (+BT WiFi Allowance) to 61megs. I spoke to online support and they basically told me I was only guaranteed about 55meg. Now, I have been getting 71 for more than a year - completely constant. No problems, very little variation. BT Wholesale Speedtest shows my download speed has dropped to 61.00 and my profile is set to 62.28. The slowdown is quite noticable in use. I presume the changeover has caused my line to be re-profiled which, naively, I didn't expect to happen as I was only changing the hub. My hub stats are shown below. Any help would be most appreciated. I have to say though that I should have followed the expression 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' and left things well alone!


Best wishes and kind regards,


Roy Bennett


1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated Unknown
4. Board version:BT Hub 5A
5. VDSL uptime:0 days, 23:27:55
6. Data rate:20000 / 64340
7. Maximum data rate:22363 / 74404
8. Noise margin:6.4 / 6.6
9. Line attenuation:0.0 / 18.0
10. Signal attenuation:0.0 / 18.0
11. Data sent/received:162.8 MB / 1.5 GB
12. Broadband
13. BT Wi-fi:Yes
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Re: Upgraded from HH3 to HH5 and Speed Dropped Straight Away

You are right about If it aint broke etc but you are where you are now and there isn't much you can do about that.


Your line still looks good. It looks like DLM has lowered your speeds as you can see with the upload data rate being a nice round 2000. If you leave it alone for the next week or so, DLM should slowly raise your speeds again. It might not be exactly where you were before but should be close.

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Re: Upgraded from HH3 to HH5 and Speed Dropped Straight Away

I upgraded my HH 3 to HH5 and have had issues with wi fi and Air Play. Chopping and changing settings in 5 ghz and 2.4ghz 14 days on at BT to sort inc an engineer visit. Nothing helped so I have just gone back to my HH3 plus router.... So far so good with much steadier speeds and no drop out or chuck out. Fairly steady at 75mb download and 16mb upload.

So fingers crossed.
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Re: Upgraded from HH3 to HH5 and Speed Dropped Straight Away

Hi Taydoow.


Does your HH3 use a separate modem? If so, is that a BT unit? Do you know a model number/make?



I presume that you can still get to a set-up screen for the modem via 'explorer' or something.


(I'm having different problems, but they could possibly be solved if I could separate the modem from the router)

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Re: Upgraded from HH3 to HH5 and Speed Dropped Straight Away

Hi there.


Almost half of year ago I did the same as you  replaced my hub 3 with a new hub 5 ! for the few months of using hub 5 my speed r not steady and the worst thing is its will disconnected every few days by itself . its very annonnyed and I got to keep restarting my hub 5 to get it connected back to internet !


At the end . I gave up with the uesless BT Customer Service and all they do is drive me round and round the circle.

I got my Hub 3 out of the draw and use it with the moderm which came with it.

Since then I have no trouble and problem at all with my speed and never have one disconnecting at all!!!!


Yes. very good expression " if it ain"t broke don"t fix it" .

My hub 5 is eating dust at the moment inside my draw !!!!!




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Re: Upgraded from HH3 to HH5 and Speed Dropped Straight Away

Things do settle down, after a while on HH5
received a  sizzling 72D today Smiley Very Happy  which really makes a diff to BBC iPlayer downloads (in HD)
+ in terms of aesfetics there's one less thing-a-ma-jig to plug into a 3-pin socket, which is nice 

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Re: Upgraded from HH3 to HH5 and Speed Dropped Straight Away

I have an update........ after several calls to India I finally found a level 2 Tech that seemed to know what he was doing, very helpful well spoken guy called Sanjeev (pobably never get him again).


I told him that my HH5 drops out and is very unstable and I should get 75meg but was fluctuation between 6 and 32meg on wi fi.I told him I hve reverted back to my old Huib 3 and Router setrup and both him and an engineer that visited me said that ws a good move. He told me to do the following:


  1. Go into the hub and change the channel to 11 
  2. turn all media off that was connecting to the wi fi, from mobiles to laptops and iPads and even the Youview box
  3. unplug the Router then the HH3 and leave off
  4. he then resent the line to clear as he said "static/cache on the line and anything holding memory"
  5. a few minutes later he came back and said to start up the white Router untill the power and DSL lights were on and steady
  6. turn the HH3 back on and wiait for the 3 blue lights
  7. fire up my wireless laptop and go to and check the speed and consistancey

The result.......... back up to 36meg wifi which is what it used to be in my conservatory and steady as a rock. I get steady 75meg wired and I expect about 50% loss for the distance away through wi fi.


I am now getting a £33 refund for my trouble and am now trying to arrange for the refund of my HH5 which I have told them is "Not fit for purpose" and asked for my contract to be reverted to before I upgraded.  Watch this spce for update



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