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Upgraded speed but mini discs not passing it on

Hi All,


wondered if anyone can shed any light. I have a Smart hub 2 with three mini discs, i have just upgraded from Full Fibre 100 with whole home giving speeds up to 75Mbps to FF100 with Bt Halo 2 giving up to 150Mbps.


Previously my mini discs passed over pretty much 100% of the speed, however since upgrading they seem to only pass over about 50Mbps. Nothing has changed around my setup or devices. If i run a speed test next to the router over Wifi i am getting circa 115Mbps although the BT app says the router is receiving 149 MBPS. Previously i received 74Mbps to the router and this was passed on pretty much 100% to the phone both next to the router and away from it.


can anyone shed any light on why this may happen, i have researched and the mini discs maximum speed is well above this so can't see why it is now worse than before. I may as well downgrade the speed again if nothing can be changed. 

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