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Upgrading to Infinity order stuck issue

For those of you that are looking to upgrade to Infinity, be prepared to wait as long as the name of the product states.


What a joke.


I had my line with a third party provider, I was requested to move the line back to BT to take advantage BT inifinty. This took 14 days, no problem with this, I then called to get my exist BT broadband upgraded to Infinity, the first available appointment for an engineer was 3 weeks ahead which was also not a problem, I was gievn the 20th November. all good so far.


Now the fun begins.


20th November arrives, my boys all exsited as they both have xbox's and they are fighting for connection, as we live in a village and the broadband is slow.


I took a day off work, and waited, and waited, and waited, got to 5pm and called BT, only to be told that there was a problem and an engineer will call you tonight at 8pm, guess what NO CALL FROM BT


Called the following day to be told that my order had not progressed as it was stuck in there system, and it needed to be sent to another dept, and I would get a call, guess what yes you guessed, NO CALL FROM BT


Called again the next day to be teleported to india to discuss with them, still no joy, this goes on then a break through I was told that my order would have to be cancelled, as it would not move,  and re-apply for infinity again.


This was due to some internal technical data was not correct and needed to be sorted, by BT special techical team, who ever thay are, or even exist.


I am still waiting for this to be done, so still no infinity, them once old order cancelled, I have to place new order and wait again, for a slot.


I am told this was a rare case, but looking on this forum it seems not so rare, wake up BT what the hell happened to you as a company.


Is there even a product available or is it all Hype.


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Re: Upgrading to Infinity order stuck issue

try phoning the options team as see if they can help  they are uk based  0800800030

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