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Upload speed change

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I am on the cusp of switching to BT from Tiscali / Talk Talk.  Until not so long ago both BT and TT showed estimated 26Meg download and BT 10 Meg upload. (Consider I get 3 / 0.8 now)  TT were only 2 Meg upload (although they do not publicise this) hence the impending move.  However, now both BT and TT show 34 Meg down (Hooray!) but BT has dropped to 6Meg down.  I see several posts about speed changes so wondered what was happening?  Is this a deliberate switch  to give faster download speed at the expense of upload?  I know upload speed is less critical for most users inlcuding me, but x5 was a huge difference. x3 is still big but makes the hassle of changing ISPs / email addresses less attractive.

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Re: Upload speed change

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Due to the way the frequency bands are utilised I think that with the recent profile change (from 8c to 17a) some predictions do have a slight reduction in upload but an increase in download. Unless you're a super heavy uploader you won't see that much different between 6meg and 10meg 🙂
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