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Upload speed fault wont get accepted?!



For the past couple of years ive had a nice stable 70 down 20up on infinity 2.


Decided to move the loung around and moved the Hub6A from the data extension kit that was installed by Openreach and go back to the master socket instead.


In doing so my upload speed has dropped from 20 to 10, and I cant get it back up to 20 again it seems, has anyone else had that problem of a sudden drop in speed? 


BT wont accept it as a fault apparently, upload on broadband is best effort and nothing they will do to look at it.


The BTW speedtest shows a 20mb upload profile so dont think it is being limited there.


I have a 2nd FTTC line into the house with plusnet, to the same cab, that gives me 78 down and 20 up, 


Any thoughts / advice?

From the tech log  in the hub6a dsl:VDSL link Up: Down Rate=59482Kbps, Up Rate=11918Kbps, SNR Margin Down=0.00dB, SNR Margin Up=6.00dB



p.s. when I did a password reset to get on the forums, the mails from the communit got automatically put in my BT mail spam folder!? surely it should have some whitelist on their own service?

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Re: Upload speed fault wont get accepted?!

Remove the faceplate and connect to the test socket. See if the connection rate changes.
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