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Upload speed keeps dropping




About once a week, my upload speed drops from 1.18Mbps to 400kbps with the upload noise margin leaping from 6 to around 24. I've got no idea why it keeps fiddling with the upload speed when the SNR is dead on the target value of 6. If I reboot the hub immediately, the upload speed jumps up to about 700kbps or, if I leave it for about 12 hours and reboot, it goes back to 1.18Mbps again, where it will stay for about a week, before dropping back down again. This has been going on for about two months now.


Any idea how I fix the problem? When it's down to just 400kbps apps/programs like facetime, online games etc. just grind to a halt.


The download speed of around 15Mbps is stable and fine, it's just the upload speed.


Stats below:


Product name: BT Hub 6A
Serial number: +084319+NQ62852631
Firmware version: SG4B10002244
Firmware updated: 23-Dec-2016
Board version: 1.0
Gui version: 1.32.0
DSL uptime: 0 Days, 0 Hours 26 Minutes 57 Seconds
Data rate: 476 bps / 15.51 kbps
Maximum data rate: 476 / 16159
Noise margin: 23.7 / 6.1
Line attenuation: 30.4
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Re: Upload speed keeps dropping

@SteveB2 Thanks for posting, the maximum data rate on your upload stats is showing as 476Kbps. Please enter your telephone number on this checker and post the results ensuring to remove your number

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