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Upload speed terrible

My upload speed has suddenly dropped in the last few weeks which means no more online gaming since you need 0.5mbps, I get 0.13mbps which doesn't let me do anything. Can anyone give me any advice or a solution?
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Re: Upload speed terrible

are you on fibre or adsl?

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Re: Upload speed terrible

Moving un related message to individual thread on Fibre BB board.

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Re: Upload speed terrible

I'm on adsl at the moment, they are currently installing fibre in my area. @imjolly
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Re: Upload speed terrible

Hi @EUZ323


I have moved your post here to the ADSL BB board.


Please can you do the following in order for the community to help you:


1a) Is your router/Homehub connected by a BT NTE5 master socket, Adsl Filtered Master Socket or Extension Socket? Please bear in mind that extension cables and extension sockets can reduce the broadband's performance. If you have an Old LJU master socket then please say. 1b) Have you tried the Test Socket? - if you have one.

2) Can you please run a BT speed test (including IP Profile) (not beta version)[Best done with a wired, Ethernet, connection] After Quick Test is done you need to click "Further Diagnostics" to get IP Profile.

3) is there any noise on your line. dial 17070 option2 ,called quite line test, from landline phone. should be silent but slight hum normal on cordless phone.

4) please post adsl line statistics

5) Please can you copy and paste the information for you line from (make sure you edit out your landline number before posting though)

ADSL Line Statistic Help:

If you have a BT Home Hub like the one below...

1) Go to or http://bthomehub.home
2) click Settings
3) Click Advanced Settings
4) Click Broadband
5) Click Connection or sometimes called ADSL (see picture Below)
The direct Address is http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9116 (for bthomehub3.A firmware ending in 1.3)
or http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9118 (for bthomehub3.A firmware ending in 94.1.11)

You will need to copy and past all the adsl line statistics ( Including HEC, CRC and FEC errors). You may need to click " More Details"

If you have a HomeHub 4 then the majority of the ADSL Stats shown in the previous Hubs will not be there.
for HH4 users you can go to hub manager then select troubleshooting then logs and are look for 2 entries together which will show the connection speed and noise margin for when your HH4 last sycned with the exchange.

There are more useful links on Keith's website here: If you have an ADSL connection, please select this link

Don't have a BT Homehub/Voyager? for a netgear router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, connection speed for a belkin router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, Data Rate

jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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