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Uploading to BT Cloud


Can somebody give me really simple instructions on how to upload all of my photos, documents etc from my PC using Microsoft Edge. I have tried to use the "BT help instructions" but failed miserably.

Thank you

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Re: Uploading to BT Cloud

Hi @P123,


In order to upload all your content you'll need to install the PC software - the web browser upload is limited (to 500MB per upload if I remember correctly).


Once you've installed the software you can either add the folders to the 'backup' list (where any new stuff you put in them will upload automatically), or if you want just upload once rather than sync you can right click on the folders in question and press 'Send To' then 'BT Cloud'.


The software can be installed from:




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Re: Uploading to BT Cloud

Thank you for the reply but the instructions aren't detailed enough. If, for example, I want to upload all of my pictures and then synch them in future, is there a simple way of doing it? 

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Re: Uploading to BT Cloud

P123, As Joeeer said, download and run the desktop software from

Once that is installed, you should see a "BT Cloud" icon in the System Tray area (right edge of the Taskbar).  It may be in the Hidden Icons area, so click the up chevron if you don't see it at the top level.  If it isn't there, look on your desktop for the BTCloud shortcut and click that, this should start the app and the icon should then appar in the System Tray.


Click on this BT Cloud icon in the System Tray and a small dialogue should appear with a number of options including:

•Show Dashboard
•Open BT Cloud Sync folder
•Open BT Cloud Website etc.

Now select "Show Dashboard" from this list.

Initially, it may take a few minutes to update itself with any files you have put on the BTCloud already, even if that isn't any so far, so just wait until the "circle" stops.  When it does, select the "Backup" tab at the top.  This will then show an option just underneath to "Select a folder on your computer for backup" with a further option to "Restore the contents..." and a list of the folders currently being backed up (if any exist).

Select the top option "Select a folder on your computer for backup" by pressing the pink "Backup" button and a dialog with the folders on your computer will appear.  Browse to the "Pictures" folder you want to backup - it is probably under "Libraries\Pictures".  Make sure it is the folder you select and not just the Pictures Library pointer - "OK" will be greyed out if it is the latter.  When selected, press "OK" and you are good to go.


Remember, it will take a while to upload all of your photos, particularly if there are lots of them.  I have seen a few ridiculous complaints on the forum about this being slow, but that is just a consequence of the broadband speed.  Even with the maximum upload speed of 20Mb on the Infinity services it will take about 8-10 minutes for each GB of data, or even longer if your network is busy doing other things.  It can easily take a few days to upload a few 100GB.


Once the backup is started, you can close the Dashboard and leave the backup to run in the background.  Remember it is a low priority task, so anything else you upload or download will increase the time required for the backup to complete.


You can check progress just by clicking the BT Cloud icon in the System Tray, which will show you how much of your cloud allocation is currently being used.  Or you can open the Dashboard and check the "Summary" page.  The "Backup" page will show you the folders being backed up and their size.  Once completed, each folder will have a green tick against it.  You can also view a list of recent individual files as they are being backed up on the "Transfers" page - again a green tick will appear against each file as its backup completes.


You can also check progress by logging into the BT Cloud website.  Don't worry if this shows "You have nothing backed up" when you first open it - that is a misleading notice which seems to indicate you haven't backed up anything using the website, rather than anything at all (I'd call it a bug, but the BT Cloud experts don't think so).  Again, wait until the revolving circle stops.  You may get an error message if the system is still syncing your files but, again, ignore this and close it.  Click on "My Activity" and select "All my files" from the dropdown list.  This will show the pictures folder, and you can mine down through your folder structure to the individual picture files that are currently on the cloud.  Once sync has completed you will also be able to select "Photos" from this drop down list to see thumbnails of your photos and view them on your browser.

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