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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

Having just suffered UpnP & other routing problems with my Windows Home Server 2011, I came to this post & have to be on the side of the complainant on this.

I may be old & a bit creaky but in retirement after 25 years in IT support, many of them as an acredited server engineer I have always been under the impression that something puporting to be a ROUTER should at least be capable of routing according to the accepted industrial standards.

BT have sold me a ROUTER & it does not correctly route. How then is this not their problem?

My old but reliable TL-WR1043 worked fine with my fully CAT 6 network & gigabit switch, I thought my HH5 would not only just get rid of the modem but give me the added 5G wireless channel but I don't consider the upgrade to be anything more than a product that clearly doesn't do 'what it says on the box'.


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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

As a brand new BT Infinity customer, I have also just found out about the limitations of the HH5.


In my case, the HH5 doesn't seem to bridge between wired and wireless properly.


It does allow my wireless clients to access the wired Plex media server, but doesn't allow Windows 8.1 to browse the network via a share/IP or RDP session.


Quite bizarre for what should be normal network operation.


Come on BT, you can do better than this. Or is it Huawai who can't write decent firmware? Either way, this should have been spotted even before any internal testing (assuming BT did any).

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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

It seems that BT's view is "if you can get the internet, anything else is not our problem". We should just be grateful we don't have to get our cars from them, cos if we did they'd be missing things like petrol gauges, rear seats, valves on the tyres, and wind-down windows. (They'd probably have a lot of pretty flashing lights though.)

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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

Hi, having similar issues but totally confused by it.


Original set up:

1x Lacie Networkspace 1Tb NAS

1x Lacie Cloudbox 3Tb Nas



1xWD TV Play.

BT Home Hub 2.0

Connected by TP-LINK TL-PA211 powerline adapters


all worked no problems.


Got infinity installed and was issued the BT Home Hub 5, new main socket fitted to wall and no intermediate modem required - line straight into hub (RJ11).


Great internet speed on PC and access to both NAS boxes, PS3's all fine spotting both NAS boxes as media servers and watching without problems, WD TV Play spots and plays Networkspace and plays no problem.


So here's the confusing bit: WD TV Play picks up Cloudbox initially, plays for about 20 mins then stops, can't re-find or play from cloudbox but has no issue with other devices. If we replace the Hub 5 with Hub 2 we are back to full operation without problems (but no internet obvs.)


Problem solving and isolations seems to point to Hub 5 having issue with Cloudbox / WD TV Play combination but not other iterations, Hub 2 doesn't have the same issue. Bottom line - what's different about the Hub 5 that it finds problems with uPNP that the Hub 2 didn't but only on a specific combination of devices rather than across the board?


Has to be a hub issue as everything works when the hub 5 is replaced with an alternative.


BT get on it - or alternatively tell me how i can connect infinity to my hub 2! You broke my seamless home network.



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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

Started with O2 hub with Sony smart tv's, Ps3, Microserver WHS2011, pc and laptops all sharing across the network.

Upgraded to HH5 on infinity and sharing was still there, well installed the server during this point and all seemed well.


Last month was having problems HH5 re-booting 2 engineer visits to point I've had to remove extension on BT line taking alarm off-line. Still having issues.


Sent me a new hub and now have lost sharing etc even the laptops, pc's are having problems seeing each others folders. 3 smart tv and 2 ps3's return DNLA errors on this main laptop which before.


Other issue I've picked up on is when the PS3 is on there's blocking issues on event log HH5. Given everything static Ip's and did full media sharing to all on Win 7 to prove that.


Well done BT glad i only took the 12 month contract

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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

I will also add my voice to this.  DLNA is definitely impacted by the introduction of HH5 into your home network.  I've been using a NAS and streaming to devices for years, and this hub is the first time I've been unable to setup dlna devices correctly.  If I use a wireless device I can stream.  If I use a wired device I cannot see the media servers broadcasting and my only option is to add the NAS as a network share.


The router is defective and for BT not to acknowlege this is very poor.  At the very least they are ignoring the customers to the point of ridicule.


Many of us work in the IT industry and configure networks for a living.  They should remember that.


Full marks for the speed but zero marks for the bundled hardware , in this case, the HomeHub 5

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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

Yet another night with TR069 going orange blue orange blue so can't play on ps3 online.


Last month they gave me a extra 20 gig due to reboots so will have them check the logs again and try for extra again.


Since swapped from adsl to 38meg speed doing nothing different I get close to 40 gig used a month. Will i was away for the week it downloaded 1gig it said on my bill usage. My adsl must have been fast at 5meg.


Left BT 8 years ago after getting Ofcom involved and they sorted issue out in 2 days. Maybe we should get together and hit them with the issues of all having smart tv's media sharing and BT sell a product what makes it not work.

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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

Update still no sharing.


Hub started flashing orange again and even more if PS3 on call of duty.


Rang helpline up again and it starts are you connecting wifi or wired. Once I put him right he ran test and asked me to go to 5mz and say no to 5mz sync with 2.4mz says this is causing problems.


He's also sending me my 2nd replacement hub in 4 weeks!!!


Asked him about DNLA issues and he said I can put the old firmware on if it work on my 1st HH5. Told him I'd wait for new hub first to see what happens.


So is it the latest firmware??

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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

ok lets get a few things straight.


the hub 5 has some issues with certain types of internal trafic.


it seems to be a DHCP bug only.


heres the steps i take for a complete stable network.


set all Cllients to static IP addresses with a static DNS.


always use over 100 for wired and leave under for wireless DHCP for when you have guests etc.




Lan PC -config.

IP - /upto 200

Gateway -






Options to set on Homehub


DHCP Client Time from 24hrs to 21 Days.


once all devices are set to static click on each device and click use SAME IP...


apply all settings and have fun from there.


this seems to add the correct firewall rules for all ports to work within the network. 


and also removes the silly lan cap on UDP trafic.



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Re: Upnp, dnla and file sharing broken by home hub 5...

Hi thanks for the info.

I've already done the static ip's etc and started above 80 (helps remember what thing are on network over the years).


Now the DNS bit doesn't that swap on reboots etc, I have a microserver running uploading weather and don't want that going belly up lol.


DHCP client time set at 24hrs, looking at the logs there does seem to be problems with this on the log, should I up it to 21 days??



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