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Upstairs TV

I have limited technical knowledge but can usually get by. However I have been struggling since I got a new TV for my office upstairs.

We have a few TVs around the house all of which we can view BT TV on by use of a magic eye and distribution box system. It means we have to watch the same channel where ever we are but it can be changed in every room where there is a TV.

This was working perfectly in my office until I got a new JVCSmart TV. This is working perfectly and I am really pleased with it but I cannot find how to get BT TV on it.

On our others we are the toggle between DTV and ATV button or there is a channel 9001 on another which it appears on. What is really frustrating is that it is connected to the same cable to the same aerial socket as the old TV which worked fine!

Stuck for ideas so any help gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Upstairs TV

Welcome to this user forum.

As ATV (Analogue TV) was discontinued some years ago, all new TVs would only have a digital tuner, so you are out of luck I`m afraid.

You could of course pay extra for BT YouView multi room, and BT would supply you with an additional BT YouView box which you could use upstairs.



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Re: Upstairs TV

Thanks for the prompt response Keith - much appreciated.


This may be a niave question but I do have another quite new smart TV upstairs. Here I just have to go to Channel 9001 and BT TV is tuned on there. Is it not possible to replicate that on my new one?

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Re: Upstairs TV

I am sorry, I cannot answer that question, perhaps another forum member, can help?


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Re: Upstairs TV

Keith could quite possibly be right. I have a 4K LG tv I brought just before Xmas and that has a analogue tuner but another one in the house it was disabled until you enter the menu and enable it.
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