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Urgent - Please help!! Emails to be closed end of Aug despite signing up for Premium Mail

Dear Team

  1. We are a very long standing customer of  BT and BT broadband.
  2.   We moved house some time ago but because BT broadband offered would be too slow for streaming etc. we sadly had to cancel BT broadband and move over to another service. kept our landline though.
  3. Because of this BT said we would lose all our Email facilities on 30 Aug 2020  unless we signed up for Premium Email. ( we have several email addresses which we have had for years)
  4.   So we signed up for this Premium Email hoping  that all 7 email accounts would be transferred automatically.  This has not happened and we are very worried that our accounts will be closed and deleted.  This would be catastrophic for us!

5.We contacted BT on 10th aug and were assured this would be fixed before the deadline by a lady called Mxxx (Email dept.)  I have been checking since and nothing has happened!  All our emails are still marked for deletion and closure!!

  1. There is new account number for our  emails under the existing BTID but we cannot access them.  Many of our online accounts etc are tied to these emails and we will lose ability to log into these accounts.  We have sent a complaint on 19th Aug but have had no feedback yet.  Please help to rectify this before the deadline.

Thank you.

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Re: Urgent - Please help!! Emails to be closed end of Aug despite signing up for Premium Mail

Hi @Ola555,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post.

I'm sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced with your email address.

It's more than likely that MyBT hasn't updated to remove the message but we can double-check this for you. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team.




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