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Urgent request for help from BT person.



I wonder if someone from BT could help me as I am not getting any sense from the call centre operators.


My phone line has been dead since 3rd January.I reported it online and after 3 days I called to check that they would repair it by the deadline. The guy said that "they had been trying to phone me (on the dead line) but had no answer" unbelievable! I was then given another 3 day deadline for the line to be mended (17.00 on 11/01/2012)


An engineer finally called at the house on 10th January. He said that the fault was at the top of the telephone pole and that they would need to run a new line to my house and also update my master socket because it was still the old fashioned GPO box. He said that he would need a hoist/cherry picker to get to the pole because it was too dangerous to climb and left.


On the 12th, I telephoned BT to see how things were progressing. The call centre first of all told me that the problem was "near the house" and would be completed in time (i.e. 30 minutes later). I then explained to the guy what the engineer has said and he did not seem to understand the concept of a telephone pole at all. I was then put on hold whilst he checked. He then came back and said that the fault was at the exchange and should be mended within the next hour or two. I explained again about what the engineer had said but the guy just did not seem to understand what I was saying. I gave up for the day... and now I am here in the hope that I can avoid the call centre again.


The line is used for our burglar alarm, so I consider it quite urgent (also it invalidates our home insurance) so I really need to know what is happening. I am trying on here in the hope that a BT person can update me or give me a number that I can call to speak to someone in the UK, preferably the engineers department.


Many thanks for any help,



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Re: Urgent request for help from BT person.

So many people having the same problem, myself included, surely we can't all have a fault inside our premises? It has to be something at your end BT.

I am told I might be billed £130 for an engineer to call at my home? I think not, as I said so many people having the same problem, the fault lies with BT  

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