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Usage Limit

We joined BT broadband in October 2010 (on Option 1) and all went well until April when our usage jumped from 5/6GB per month to 13/19GB per month therefore incurring additional charges for exceeding the 10GB monthly limit. I don't understand why.

The way we use computers in the home has not changed yet our usage has almost tripled. I have phoned the helpline twice. In the first call BT claimed that someone had hacked in to our internet connection and we should change our pass key, we did this but a daily check on our usage monitor showed that it was still increasing rapidly. In the second call BT claimed that the increased speed of our connection (it was upgraded in May which doesn't quiet fit in with increased usage from April onwards) meant that our usage increased.

I keep a daily check on the monitor but this doesn't explain where the excess usage is or which computer (we have more than 1) it is on. Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: Usage Limit

Hi remember that upload as well as download is counted as usage you could check the hub stats for usage but remember the figures will reset if the hub resets but it could be used to compare against the usage checker in my bt
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Re: Usage Limit

There is a free program called Networx which can show you the usage on an individual computer. This could show you which computer is responsible. Then you should check for viruses and consider what any new software on the computer is doing. Thinks like Skype can use surprising amounts of data even when you're not making calls.

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Re: Usage Limit

If you are using option1 for basic browsing and email this should be fine, start streaming etc this 10gb  will soon be blown away.I Only say this due to a visit to my mother who is on option 1, our  habits with streaming ect blew this away in 5days 

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