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Use of 'Reply From' in emails

I have been using BT email via my btinternet email address for many years.  I have a non BT email address (for my personal website) forwarded to my BT Inbox.  There used to be a function that you could reply to these with a drop down choice of 'reply from' so the response also looked to come from the personal email address. This seems to have disappeared when BT parted company with Yahoo.  Or I just can't set it up.  Does anyone know how to fix this? Mark

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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails


This may have happened for Anti-Spam reasons.  Can you access the domain e-mail and add it as a separate address to BT e-mail (I don't use BT e-mail) or a 3rd party e-mail programme?


Kind Regards
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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails

Hi, Thanks. I don't think it's anti-spam.  i have tried adding an email address (it says I can add 11 or so), but it appears they all have to be in the format, which defeats the objective.

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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails

As far as I'm aware, the 'Reply From' facility no longer exists since the migration from BTYahoo Mail to BT Mail.


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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails

Ouch! Together with the seriously slower search function in the inbox, that is quite a step back in service for my needs.  Is there a moderator out there who knows the answer??  I can't see why they wouldn't allow that. Many self-employed people have a personal website and email address they'd like to manage along with their btinternet address.

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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails

Then use the proper tool for the job, a mail client, not the abomination of webmail.

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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails

Thanks, Liquorice.  I'm just a user, not a techy.  I was under the impression BT Email was a mail client (as I write that I realise I don't even know what that means!).  I have used BT email for well over 10 years, so have a lot of people using that address.  I just want to bring everything into one mail box, as it was before, but maybe that's just asking too much...  It all worked nicely until the split with Yahoo.

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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails

BT email is a mail service which can be accessed in a number of different ways such as using a web browser (known as webmail) or a dedicated program or app.

There are many free email clients available, the most popular being Mozilla Thunderbird. You can configure it with as many email accounts from as many different email providers as you like, all in one place.

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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails


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Re: Use of 'Reply From' in emails

You can use your BTMail account to access your other email account.

Log onto BTMail and then go to the settings found by clicking on your username on the right hand side.

Once in the settings click on "Mail" then "Accounts". Click "Add" and enter the relevant details of your non BT email account and follow the prompts. In the protocol section you would be best to select IMAP.

If it does not set up automatically you will need enter some details for your non BT account such as the server settings. These details should be supplied by the non BT email account provider and will no doubt be able to be found with an Internet search.

Once you have the non BT email account set up you will find it showing on the left hand side below your BT email account  folders. You can then use it in the same manner as you would if you logged onto it separately. You can check the Inbox etc and send from there.

Once you see it is working OK you can then go into the BTMail settings and cancel the forwarding setting if you wish or leave the forwarding set up as an indicator in your BTMail account that you have received email in the non BT account however you will need to access the non BT account to send your "reply to".

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