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Using a 3rd party router for Multicast

Hi all,

There’s a lot of feedback on this board about using third party routers with Multicast, so we’ve decided to put this information all in the one place for you.

NOTE: the workarounds below haven’t been tested by BT as we do not support 3rd party routers and we do not endorse any of them. Our recommended router remains the Home Hub.

With the above statement in mind, we know that a lot of you do choose to use other routers.  The information contained here has come from fellow customers who have given their time to share this information in good faith. Thanks to all of the forum members who have helped make this information available to our community it is a great example of the wealth of information that a community can provide and we hope this encourages users to come back and visit us in the future.

A special mention goes to walkerx who has posted and prompted a lot of the provided information.

Hub configurations in alphabetical order:

Apple Airport Extreme

Put your Airport Extreme into Bridge Mode and turn the Home Hub's wireless off.

[From MartinH's post]


You must configure 'Enable VPN + DHCP Connection' to 'No' under the WAN option.

Settings used were:

Have router on the latest firmware:

Use the following settings in LAN > IPTV:

  • 'Select ISP Profile' = None
  • 'Choose IPTV STB Port' = None
  • 'Use DHCP routes' = Microsoft
  • 'Enable multicast routing (IGMP Proxy) = Enable
  • 'Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping) = Enable
  •  'UDB Proxy (Udpxy) = 0

[From sepph's post]

Billion 7800DXL

Router has been reported to work.

[From walkerx's post]


Billion 7800N

Requires you to add another profile (Pure Bridge) to the EWAN port along with the PPPoE profile. Save settings & restart. Also enable IGMP proxy & snooping.

[TimCurtis' post]

 DLink Dir 825

If enable multicast you can see the on-demand players but get an IPC6023 error when viewing the test channel (this means poor internet channel quality). This error message comes up even though it works if use the Home Hub 4

[walkerx's post]


Netgear R6300

Netgear R6300, but with the Home Hub 3.0 and 500Mbit Powerline adapters in the picture.

Modem -> HH3 -> R6300 -> Powerline -> 2 x Youview Boxes on other Powerlines.

 To do this, configure the Home Hub 3.0 as, then disable its wireless and DHCP. Make sure that NAT and UPNP were enabled, and then set it to use the address as a DMZ server.

 Then configure the R6300 as the address, using the WAN IP address of, with as the gateway and DNS server. The R6300 is then connected via WAN port to the HH3 Gigabit port.

 In the R6300 settings switch on IGMP. 

The above settings allow both YouView boxes to use on demand content and different streaming channels simultaneously, as well as giving the full features of the R6300 such as AC1750 wireless, network printing, and DLNA

[wigglr's post]

TP-Link AC1750

Router has been reported to work.

[zarf2007's post]

TP-Link Archer C7

Router has been reported to work.

[HappySlayerUK's post]

TP-Link TL-WR1043ND

No configuration needed, plug and play.

[walkerx's post]

TP-Link WDR4300 N750

Router has been reported to work.

[aseymour's post]

TP-Link TL-WDR4900 N900

Router has been reported to work, plug and play.

[cactusbob's post]

TP-Link routers in general

How to configure Multicast on TP-Link routers (from the TP-Link website).

One of our posters also found the following:

He found that your router must be able to do the following for Multicast:

  • For an end user connected via Openreach GEA (FTTC and FTTH)
  • The Residential Gateway will support:
  • IPoE for multicast traffic and PPPoE for BB traffic;
  • VLAN tag ID of 0 or no VLAN tag ID for multicast and BB traffic;
  • Fork IGMP requests up multicast and BB paths.


For an end user connected to an MSAN (WBC copper)

  • The Residential Gateway will support:
  • A dual VC architecture;
  • Accept TV Connect multicast traffic on ATM VP/VC 0/35 with IPoE and broadband traffic on ATM VP/VC 0/38 with PPPoE;
  • Fork IGMP requests up multicast and broadband paths.

IGMP should v3 and will be in range from to 

[walkerx's post]

List of routers that do not appear to work:

  •  Draytek 2750n
  • Linksys EA4500
  • linksys EA6300
  • Netgear AC6300

[From Red_Snow's post]

If you use a router that’s not listed here, do a search on the YouView from BT board to see if advice has been posted elsewhere. If it hasn’t, do post your question.

Thanks Stephanie